Can a man create his own Hero Space?
No. In this competition men and women have clearly defined roles that are not interchangeable. The competition was devised to “give a second chance” to men who love football and want to take to the field as a true champions and, at the same time, offer the women in their lives an opportunity to support them in realising their dream.
What happens if a woman forms her own Hero Space?
Women can not create their own Hero Spaces. On registering, it is obligatory to state one’s gender along with the other details required. The system is based on the user’s declaration, which enables participation in the competition and automatically precludes the creation of a Hero Space dedicated to a female user. The jury that will select the winners will carry out further checks as,provided for in the rules.
Why does a Hero Space need “approval” before being published?
Material sent in to create a Hero Space will be assessed by a commission established, to either grant or withhold approval for online publication. The commission’s decisions are final. Approval is required to ensure that images or other content that may be deemed offensive, immoral or an infringement of 3rd party privacy or other rights, are not published.
Do you have to have a Facebook profile to be able to take part in the competition?
It isn’t obligatory. You can take part by registering on Indesit’s dedicated website:
Can a woman only form one Hero Space?
No, she can create a Hero Space for every man that she would like to register.
Can a man have more than one Hero Space?
No, he can only have one Hero Space. But he can take part in the competition as a supporter of another “Hero” at the same time.
Can supporters vote whoever they want and as many times as they want?
Supporters are free to vote for as many more Hero Spaces as they like (no limit to the number), however they can only cast one vote for each Hero Space.
Do only the men win in this competition?
No, the women who created the winners’ Hero Spaces also win. The prize for women is an unforgettable experience in Milan, visiting the top fashion houses, in the company of their “heroes”.
Is there an age limit for taking part in the competition?
Users, whether male or female, must be at least 18 at the time of registering to be able to take part in the competition. There is no upper age limit.
Who chooses the winners to go forward to the match at San Siro in Milan?
A jury will look at all users with at least 20 votes/supporters and will select the winners on the basis of criteria that are both qualitative (originality of content) and quantitative (number of supporters). In this way there will be no randomness in the selection; the process will identify and reward both the creativity of the people who formed the supporter groups and the hero’s popularity and capacity to attract high numbers of fans. As in football, team work is what counts in this competition!
Who will be in the teams?
The competition is international. 33 winners will be selected to form three teams to play in a triangular tournament.